Emma Watson Releases ‘The Circle’ Scene

Las Vegas - Emma Watson wasn’t able to make it to CinemaCon on Tuesday for STX Entertainment’s feature presentation, but she did help release a new sneak-peek clip for her next movie, “The Circle.”

After apologizing to CinemaCon attendees in Las Vegas for being unable to attend the show (STXfilms Chairman Adam Fogelson explained she was busy promoting “Beauty and the Beast”), Emma released a new clip from the anticipated thriller.

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In the scene, the actress’ character Mae is on a job interview at the powerful technology company The Circle. She’s asked to answer a few rapid fire questions including her preference for Sushi, video game characters, and finally, if she wants to go on a date with her interviewer. Mae responds by calling the question “inappropriate” and is quickly told she gave the correct answer.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

Emma Watson has a hiccup during her job interview in this “The Circle” sneak peek. Photo: STX Entertainment

What followed in the presentation was the trailer for “The Circle” currently previewing in theaters.

“It is the world we’re living in right now,” Fogelson explained of the film, based off the 2013 book by Dave Eggers which touches on the idea of how much surveillance is too much. “What price do we pay?” he continued, when asked about information we choose to share online.

While Watson’s co-star, Tom Hanks, was not on hand at CinemaCon either, Fogelson did share a few kind words about the actor who plays The Circle frontman, Eamon Bailey. Calling him a “national treasure,” Fogelman also praised Hank’s father figure-esque role in the film.

“The Circle” premieres in theaters April 28.

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