Emotional Homecoming For Paralyzed Miami-Dade Corrections Officer Kedson Julmiste

CBS4 photojournalist Peter Miranda covered his emotional homecoming.

Video Transcript

- New at 6:00, back in February, Miami-Dade corrections officer Kedson Julmiste was involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. Today, family, friends, and colleagues gathered to welcome him back home. CBS 4 photojournalist Peter Miranda has the emotional return.

- Welcome home.

- Welcome home!

KEDSON JULMISTE: Amazing. Amazing. This is not something that every person who goes through this situation would get. This is like once in a lifetime, it's this amazing part, you know? So even though I'm in this predicament, seeing everybody who supported me, it lets me know that I'm not here by myself.

Because being in this position is a scary position, very scary. It's a long-- you know, I spent time without when I was in my bed, in the hospital myself. I had broken down, but I thought about everybody who's chanting me, who's pushing me, who's praying for me. Churches. I'm talking about my co-workers having fundraisers for me. And it put me to the place where, you know what, you've got to be strong.

- I love you, daddy.

KEDSON JULMISTE: I love you too, sweetie. Very emotional, because I had my brother come see me. Every weekend, he's been there. So he's seen everything. From top to bottom, the good, the bad, the ugly, he's been there. But my daughter, she just had to stay away, and it was hard for her to understand. But it's something that we just had to just deal with for the time being.

I say thank you from the depth of my heart, because a lot of people in my position, they don't have the support and the love and the care that I have. So again when I say thank you, God bless your hearts, man. Thank you and thank you. It's very scary, but with this support, it's like, you know, I'm being carried.