'Emotional rollercoaster' since flash floods in Devon

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Hilary Pinfold, Newton Poppleford resident
Hilary Pinfold's house and garden were flooded during the downpours earlier in May

Communities have pulled together through what has been "an emotional rollercoaster" since flash flooding caused major disruption in Devon.

The villages of Tipton St John, Newton Poppleford and Venn Ottery were some of the worst affected earlier in May.

A 6ft (1.8m) wall in Hilary Pinfold's garden in Newton Poppleford collapsed during the downpours, and the downstairs of her house was flooded.

She said the response from the local community had been "absolutely amazing".

Newton Poppleford in east Devon
The Environment Agency said the flood was the "worst flood experienced in Newton Poppleford for 50 years"

She said they were "incredibly grateful to the response of the community" and strangers had also helped with the clean up operation.

People have helped to wash clothes, bed linen, and towels which had been used to try and stop flooding in the house.

Burrow Lane, in Newton Poppleford
Flash flooding brought masses of mud to Burrow Lane, in Newton Poppleford, where Mrs Pinfold lives

Since the floods, Mrs Pinfold said she and her husband had been on an "emotional rollercoaster".

She said they had been "totally reliant on friends and neighbours".

Pete Button, Head of School, Tipton St John Primary
Mr Pete Button said one of the classrooms at the school was still out of action because of damage from the floods

In Tipton St John, head teacher of the school, Pete Button, said one of the classrooms was still out of action because of damage from the floods.

"We're hopeful that we might be able to get carpets in and the children back in after half-term."

Mr Button said the school had been using the back of the village hall since their classroom was flooded.

"There's a small room in there which is not ideal.

"Most of the children are Year 2 children who are doing SATs at the moment, and this has been an extra challenge."

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