Emotional Tiger Woods recalls his incredible 2019 Masters victory

Almost 600 days have passed since Tiger Woods won his 15th major title but thepassing of time has done little to suppress the emotion of that incredibleMasters triumph. “I’m still getting chills just thinking about it,” Woods saidin his pre-tournament press conference. “(The) feelings, coming up 18 andknowing that all I have to do is just two putt that little 15 footer and tosee my family there and my mom and my kids and all of the people that helpedsupport me or were there for me in the tough times. “And I was walking upthere trying not to lose it, and still saying, ‘hey, I’ve still got to twoputt this’.” Woods said at the time he relished the way his life had come“full circle” after celebrating his long-awaited victory with his children atAugusta National.