'Empathy For Others,' Texas Second-Grader Paisley Elliot Nominated For Kid's Version Of Nobel Peace Prize

Meet Paisley Elliot— A fun, light hearted second grader who happens to dedicate her spare time to improving the lives of others.

Video Transcript

- Meantime, saving the world may be hard work, but there's a seven-year-old Texan who is sure making it look easy. The youngster attends city council meetings, she writes letters to the president. CBS 11's Rachael O'Neil introducing us to this young humanitarian. It's all new at 6:00 o'clock.


RACHAEL O'NEIL: Meet Paisley Elliot, a fun, lighthearted second grader who happens to dedicate her spare time to improving the lives of others. So much so, last week, she was nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize, an annual award given by a foundation in The Netherlands to a kid who fights for children's rights.

PAISLEY ELLIOT: My first project was at my old school, Holy Trinity. I was collecting stuffed animals for kids in Syria.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: And since last October, every Tuesday, Paisley's been camping outside of her house and inside of a tent, a project she calls Rise and Reunite, as a way to raise more awareness for the families who have been separated at the Southern border.

PAISLEY ELLIOT: I sent a letter, and my first one was to Joe Biden. I said that if he comes down to my house and we get too much in our work, he can always spend the night at our house.

RACHAEL O'NEIL: Paisley's mom Tali Jones says her daughter's compassion is second nature.

PAISLEY ELLIOT: She's been very precocious, and always really curious and inquisitive. But I think the thing that struck us really early was her empathy for others, her ability to really understand what other people might be going through, whether they got kicked on the playground or something small. And then, it kind of transitioned into big, real-world situations like the refugee crisis. Paisley

RACHAEL O'NEIL: Will have a drive-through parade tomorrow evening to celebrate her accomplishments. In Grapevine, Rachael O'Neil, CBS 11 News.

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