Some employers with just under 100 staff are wary of hiring more workers and being sucked into Biden's vaccine mandate, according to a report

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  • President Biden's vaccine mandate will apply to companies with 100 or more employees.

  • Two employers with just under 100 employees told the NYT they're now wary of hiring more staff.

  • One employer, with 96 workers, said she could lose a quarter of her staff if the mandate applied.

Two businesses with just under 100 employees have told The New York Times they're wary about hiring more staff as the Biden administration's vaccine mandate looms.

The mandate will apply to companies with more than 100 employees and will take effect on January 4, the White House announced Thursday.

Employers subject to the mandate are expected to make sure their workers are either fully vaccinated or regularly tested for COVID-19.

The Times reported that Apex/Rentco Trailer Sales & Service, of Jeffersonville, Indiana, employed 98 people and was seeking to fill open positions.

Christie Thompson, head of human resources, told the publication it would be a "nightmare" if her company had to comply with the vaccine mandate. Thompson estimated that three-quarters of the company's employees were unvaccinated, per The Times.

Dawn Stanhope, president of Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County, in Florida, told The Times that she "might lose a quarter of our staff" if the vaccine mandate applied to her company, which employed 96 people and had struggled to hire additional workers. "It's easier not to have the conflict and potential of losing people," she added.

Insider has contacted Apex/Rentco and Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County for comment.

A national survey of 1,000 small-business owners, published last week by Small Business for America's Future, found that 68% supported COVID-19 vaccination requirements for businesses with more than 100 employees.

Are you a business owner with just under 100 workers and are concerned about crossing the threshold for Biden's vaccine mandate? Get in touch with this reporter via email:

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