Emporio Armani says 'yes' to sustainability with Milan show

Italian designer Giorgio Armani sent a message of sustainability as he presented his Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2020 collection which he said was inspired by "strong-willed" young women at Milan Fashion Week on Friday (February 21).

The presentation opened with rolling text running above the catwalk reading, "I'm saying yes to recycling" before models stepped out on the runway.

Bowler hats worn by models were emblazoned with "R-EA", referring to recycling and Emporio Armani.

No further details were provided on the message's wider meaning.

The veteran designer, 85, called his autumn collection "Be a poem", dressing his models in black and white, with some looks also offered in shades of green and blue.

Armani stayed loyal to his simple and neutral looks, keeping silhouettes loose and straight lined.

Models wore short lace trimmed shorts, opaque tights and wide-legged trousers. Dressed were ruffled and cinched at the waist with belts or combined velvet and silk.

Jackets, long and flowing or cropped and buttoned, were combined with tiny halter neck tops.

Footwear mainly consisted of laced up boots and bags and clutches were small. Velvet, a recurring material, was also used in accessories.

"The Emporio Armani woman is strong-willed, eclectic and bold in her decisions. With little regard for mundane rules, she is a young woman that bewilders and astonishes. Playing with fashion and writing her own rules, she tells it like it really is," show notes read.

Armani founded his label in 1975 and has built it into a global brand. He will present the Fall/Winter 2020 collection for his main Giorgio Armani line on Sunday (February 23).

(Production: Cristiano Corvino, Mindy Burrows, Hanna Rantala)

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