'Empty plates' on Dubai's roads highlight world hunger

STORY: This was part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives in the United Arab Emirates, which launched the “1 Billion Meals” campaign, to get 1 billion meals to underprivileged families across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

The same uniquely numbered car number plates that people notice and pay attention to each day that were transformed into ‘empty plates’ were seen across popular hotspots and streets, and were designed to get people to notice the real empty plates around the world too. The campaign served as the driving force to get the nation talking about the empty plates that truly matter.

The campaign was designed to draw attention to two major auctions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; the Most Noble Number Charity Auctions saw affluent audiences bid for much-in-demand unique number plates, with the funds raised going to help stop hunger in its tracks around the world.

More than 560 car number plates were auctioned off during the campaign. One specific number plate was sold for a staggering $9.5million USD (AED 35 million) (the AA 8 Dubai plate), which is now the world’s sixth most expensive license plate ever sold. This follows last year’s auction, with the AA9 number plate being sold for a staggering $10.3 million USD (AED 38 million), making this the fifth most expensive license plate in the world.

The entire proceeds of the auction will go to support the humanitarian goals of the initiative by providing a food safety net that extends from the UAE to those in need in 50 countries across the globe and addressing the challenge of hunger that threatens the