"Encanto" Jokes Are Taking Over TikTok – Here Are 24 Of The Best Ones

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It's no secret that the world can't stop talking about Encanto. The movie was "the most-viewed title on the Disney+ streaming service in the first two weeks" since its release, and its soundtrack is currently sitting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, dethroning Adele.

The family Madrigal from Encanto

Plenty of jokes have been made across social media for people who just can't stop watching the movie and listening to the soundtrack, but TikTok has some gems worth laughing along with too.


Here are 24 of the best ones, along with some of the best comments below each one:

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1. This person could put on a whole stage show as Luisa:

"You forgot to violently sob the whole time"
@ecreip1 / Via tiktok.com
"Lin put his whole Lin Manuel Mirandussy into this song"
@ecreip1 / Via tiktok.com

2. This person revealed how Antonio's gift is basically also a curse:

"Bruno and Antonio after one of the rats get caught in a trap"
@newt_tm87 / Via tiktok.com
"The way Antonio forced that jaguar to go vegan"
@newt_tm87 / Via tiktok.com

3. This person realized that Dolores's gift has its downsides too:


This cursed knowledge comes from a real conversation I had w/ @hoodie.hoarding #encanto #doloresmadrigal #wedonttalkaboutbruno #disneyencanto

♬ original sound - Jae xx
"Ok but y'all sleeping on casita who had to watch"
@lostboiiof / Via tiktok.com
"Isabella: I can control plants, Luisa: I have super human strength, Camilo: I can shape-shift, Dolores: I heard my little brother being made"
@lostboiiof / Via tiktok.com

4. This person is a bit more petty than Mirabel, and TBH she's right to be:


I didnt mean for my blanket to get stuck (idea creds: @C.H.A.N.D.L.E.R) #encanto

♬ original sound - Josephine
"If I don't get a miracle no one does"
@josmz21 / Via tiktok.com
"Mirabel's real gift was her kindness and patience, cause all of us woulda blown that ish out"
@josmz21 / Via tiktok.com

5. Same with this person:

"The gas lighting when the grandma said mirabel was seeing things even though she also saw cracks"
@cydnij / Via tiktok.com

6. This person's listened to "We Don't Talk About Bruno" for the millionth time:


if I see any of mfs saying your cannon 🥺 s€xual!ties for them you're getting blocked #encanto #relatable #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #encantodisney #music #family #viral #pov

♬ pov bruno in the walls - Ratatouille Fan Boy
"Bruno thought the same thing"
@finnyboyb / Via tiktok.com
"And imma play it again and louder"
@finnyboyb / Via tiktok.com

7. These two siblings re-recorded "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and somehow made it even better:

"Even the rats had a part"
@fthhurt / Via tiktok.com
"Why are you singing in cursive"
@fthhurt / Via tiktok.com

8. This person got a peek into Lin-Manuel Miranda's songwriting process during "Surface Pressure":

"I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service" Damn he really talked to my therapist for that one huh
@thekarlypaige / Via tiktok.com

9. This person noticed that the donkeys were getting their life while Luisa was fighting for hers:

"They was throwing it back in the backround"
@memegod353 / Via tiktok.com
"They were dancing like rent was due"
@memegod353 / Via tiktok.com

10. This family was feeling the pressure from "Surface Pressure":

"Brush 'pressure like a drip drip drip; went HARDDDD"
@varsharsri / Via tiktok.com

11. This sister also felt the tension:


i said “dis u?” and she cried for the rest of the song @freudianstrips #encanto #oldersister #lolsorrybutnotreally #familyissues #familyfun #fyp

♬ Surface Pressure - Jessica Darrow
"No bc this song is why my psychiatrist upped my anti-depressant dosage"
@bepisbby / Via tiktok.com
"yes my little sister deadass was staring at me like CAN I HELP YOU??"
@bepisbby / Via tiktok.com

12. This person channeled Bruno:

"He came out the walls to vibe to her spitting straight fire like, 'Man this shit slaps, who's it about?"
@thejeremiahmolina / Via tiktok.com

13. This person got bored and texted the lyrics to "We Don't Talk About Bruno" to a random number:

*Goes along* "But seriously, who is this?"
@insane_dogmom / Via tiktok.com
"This is a love story in the making:
@insane_dogmom / Via tiktok.com

14. This person has the hots for Bruno:


The new Encanto movie is a masterpiece just in case you were wondering and LMM never misses #encanto #brunomadrigal #disney #linmanuelmiranda

♬ original sound - Maia Kinney Petrucha
"Who watched Encanto for the men? Luisa is RIGHT THERE"
@beekeepingitreal / Via tiktok.com
"Y'all sleeping on abuelo Pedro"
@beekeepingitreal / Via tiktok.com

15. This person pointed out that Bruno vibed to hearing himself get roasted:

"He's dancing to his own diss track" and "We don't talk about Bruno" *sings about Bruno*
@synxx_0 / Via tiktok.com

16. This person got inside Maribel's head when Isabela came down with her verse:


1. I made myself laugh, 2. one of the rare moments I have all necessary costume items 😂😂🤡🤡🤡 #encanto

♬ original sound - Nicque Marina
"And then Isabela has the audacity to tell her to stay quiet"
@nicquemarina / Via tiktok.com

17. This husband was not prepared to carry the weight of Luisa's song on his shoulders:

"The grip on his mug says it all"
@eskimonie / Via tiktok.com
"Bro was going through every stage of grief in one song"
@eskimonie / Via tiktok.com

18. These friends performed the entirety of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" in Spanish:

"Was this produced by Bruno's rats" and "What in the Grade 10 spanish class presentation is this"
@vacabacana / Via tiktok.com

19. This couple put on a performance of their own, donkeys and all:

"This is gonna be the new hot couples Halloween costume"
@ishapryceless / Via tiktok.com
"I wasn't ready for the second costume"
@ishapryceless / Via tiktok.com

20. This person's brain is now 99% Encanto and 1% vibes:


I can’t and won’t stop singing “we don’t talk about Bruno” around the house #encanto #wedonttalkaboutbruno

♬ original sound - nayahdamasen
"betrothed to another" hits every single time"
@nayahdamasen / Via tiktok.com

21. Same goes for this person, whose thoughts are now consumed by random lines:

"I just be in school like 'drip drip drip drip and it just won't stop'"
@maybemyahadele / Via tiktok.com
"IDK what they put into those songs but they're so catchy"
@maybemyahadele / Via tiktok.com

22. This person was ready to fight Abuela:

"For real because all that she does is hold a bath and body work looking candle and all gave Mirabel a whole lot of hell during the whole movie"
@smoothjasmine / Via tiktok.com
"She was wrong, but she's not evil. She went through so many traumatic experiences alone and had to lead a village and raise three children"
@smoothjasmine / Via tiktok.com

23. This person let us know just how good Bruno's rat novelas would be:


How many seasons did he do? I wonder...😂😂🤡 #encanto

♬ original sound - Nicque Marina
"That's why she never told anyone. She needed to know what happened next"
@nicquemarina / Via tiktok.com
"Dolores being able to watch a good show without a monthly fee for a streaming platform is the most unbelievable thing in this movie"
@nicquemarina / Via tiktok.com

24. And finally, like the rest of us, this person's got the whole movie memorized by this point:

"Me: ISABELA YOUR BOYFRIEND'S HERE" and "I started answering work messafges with song lyrics from Encanto"
@cassiebessette607 / Via tiktok.com
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