'Like The End Of Prohibition': Massachusetts Bars And Nightclubs Excited For Saturday Reopening

WBZ-TV's Rachel Holt reports.

Video Transcript

- New here at 6 o'clock, bars and nightclubs are set to reopen this Memorial Day weekend for the first time in more than a year.

- And WBZ's Rachel Holt shows us the changes you can expect once everyone's allowed back inside.

RACHEL HOLT: This is what Royale nightclub has looked like for the past year, empty.

JAMISON LAGUARDIA: So 14 months of pretty much waiting and hoping that in two more weeks or another month, everything is going to be starting to get better.

RACHEL HOLT: On Saturday, Royale will open its doors again, and things will look much different here and at other bars and clubs in Massachusetts as remaining COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

JAMISON LAGUARDIA: We're 1,220 legal capacity. We can do about 30 tables. And right now, we're approaching that number rapidly. This is all about the biggest, best party. Where can we go to celebrate with all of our friends in the biggest atmosphere possible, to kind of push COVID away and brush off our shoulders and start our life again?

MATT CASEY: I can't wait to open the doors and see everybody stream in and ready to rock and roll. It's going to be great for business. Obviously, revenue is going to go up.

PETER STIVERS: And I'm really looking forward to being able to get back with my friends, like no more reservations, and being able to maybe hang out at the bar, go to like a packed game at Fenway, and it's just going to be awesome.

RACHEL HOLT: Here on Lansdowne Street, bars like the Lansdowne Pub and Loretta's Last Call will have live music for the first time in over a year. And they're expecting big crowds on Saturday.

MATT CASEY: It's going to change things dramatically. Finally, we're going to clear out these tables. We're going to have a dance floor. People are going to be having a great time, and we can't wait

JAMISON LAGUARDIA: It's like the end of prohibition. People have been talking about it. They're like, I want to be there so in 20 years I can tell my grandkids I was there the lights came back on in Boston.

RACHEL HOLT: For WBZ News, I'm Rachel Holt.