Endangered monarch butterflies in Mexico see comeback

STORY: These endangered monarch butterflies are making a comeback

Location: Michoacan, Mexico

Every year, they travel from eastern US and Canada

to spend their winters in central and western Mexico

But the monarch’s presence in Mexico dropped from

45 acres in the mid 1990s to 7 acres in winter 2021

Scientists blame climate change, pesticides and illegal logging

While the decline is significant, winter 2021 did offer a glimmer of hope

as it saw the migratory monarch population

jump more than a third compared to 2020

(Lizbeth Cherrato Garcia, Visitor)

“I don't have the exact words to define what I feel because it is something I had never seen before; I had never imagined it. We always saw (this) through the news or documentaries but being here is a unique and different experience. What do I feel? As if (the butterflies) were falling papers, falling leaves, flying souls, so it's so many feelings woven together.”