Energy Minister reveals the temperature drop Russians are waiting for before unleashing massive attacks

Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko believes that the Russians will launch massive missile strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure once air temperatures have been below zero for a long time.

Source: Halushchenko on the joint national 24/7 newscast

Quote: "It seems to me that they are waiting for a significant drop in temperature so that it stays below zero for a long time, and then they will strike. In that case, of course, the low temperature will add to the damage.

In fact, there is no particular threshold: any sub-zero temperature increases the risks."

Details: Halushchenko noted that the Russians did not cease their attacks on energy infrastructure even in the summer.

"They didn't really stop the attacks, they also attacked in the summer. We’re not going into detail about which facilities we are talking about or about the consequences," he said.

"So far, we’re not seeing the sort of massive attacks that took place on 10 October [2022 – ed.], when they deployed about 100 missiles. We have information that they are preparing for this, and we will respond accordingly," the minister added.

Background: Earlier, Halushchenko said that Ukraine may attack Russian oil and gas infrastructure if Moscow steps up its attacks on Ukraine's energy system this winter.

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