England Cricket: Eoin Morgan admits Jofra Archer's elbow injury has 'got worse'

Jofra Archer's elbow injury has "got worse" and "needs attention", admits England captain Eoin Morgan. The news places the bowler's participation in next month's Indian Premier League in doubt.

Video Transcript

- Is Jofra Archer fit to play in the One Day series, and do you still expect to come up against him during the IPL?

EOIN MORGAN: Yeah, not quite sure yet. Well, I think we're going to wait until tonight and tomorrow to see how Jofra's pulled up. He's clearly had a progressive injury that has-- it has become worse and does need attention, so it'll be over to our medical team to make a decision. And then, hopefully, you know, the decision that Jofra comes to will be the best for us in the long term.

I think it's rare when a bowler isn't managing pain. What they do is a tough job. If you ask any of them, are they ever pain-free, it's a pretty rare instance if they say yes. So, you know, most of our bowlers are normally carrying niggles, but certainly Jofra's situation has definitely got worse. So, like I mentioned, it does need attention.