Enjoy what’s left of the summer with $100 off this crazy underwater scooter that lets you swim like a dolphin

Maren Estrada

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Have you ever heard of the Geneinno Seascooters Trident Underwater Scooter? No? Well don’t worry because this is a little gadget that you’re definitely not going to forget anytime soon. It’s a handheld underwater scooter that zips you around like a dolphin and it has adjustable speed settings that can go as fast as 4 mph. That might sound very fast, but we tested one we can assure you that it really is! It takes no time at all to get used to and you can flip around and do barrel rolls like crazy. Also, it lasts for up to 45 minutes per charge. Summer is almost over but you can still enjoy what’s left of it if you pick up one of these cool gadgets. And if you use the coupon code 100GENEINNO at checkout, you’ll save $100!

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  • Compact underwater scooter, designed to fit in your airplane carry-on, Compatible with Go Pro/ LED Light Mount
  • Powerful motor can bring you to dive to 164 ft. depth, dual thrusters provide up to 26lbs power, reaching 4 mph swimming and diving experience
  • Long-lasting removable battery performs up to 45 mins running time in the water and takes only 1. 5-hour refilling it with full power
  • Ideal for Water Parks, Shallow Dives, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Ocean Diving, Aquariums, Chasing with 2-level-speed
  • Positive buoyancy material selection for keeping it floated in the water all the time while you need to pause it or change the battery

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