Enough is enough with assault weapons

After yesterday's shooting at Nashville Covenant School, I just heard on this morning’s news that the No. 1 cause of death in children between the ages of 1-19 is death by gun violence.

What a deeply sad statistic. This has to stop! What about the rights of children and their families to attend school without the fear of being shot?

What about the rights of all of us to attend worship, without the fear of being shot, or going to the post office or the mall without the fear of being shot?

Assault weapons are for killing people, certainly not for hunting animals. I don't care what the National Rifle Association has to say about gun rights. All they really seem to care about is the money and their bottom line from gun sales of assault weapons. Please push your congressional representative to vote for sensible gun legislation by ending the sale of assault weapons. Think about the rights of all of us to live in a safer country.

Barbara Savery, La Quinta

The silence from politicians speaks volumes after this latest shooting

Another mass shooting yesterday at Nashville Covenant School, another round of silence from the American people and politicians. What I am finding hard to understand is why every parent of school-age children, those who have loved ones working in these educational settings, and others fed up with the senseless carnage from gun violence, aren’t clamoring that our political leaders seriously address this issue.

Bullets have no name and there is nowhere any of us can go that the threat of gun violence is non-existent. In essence, we are all in harm’s way including those who have skewed the true intent of the Second Amendment to suit their beliefs and desire to remain armed without responsibility. It is time to redirect the focus of those politicians who are spending their time defending the act of insurrection against our government and other behavior that seeks to unravel the thread of our democracy.

I truly do not believe that I’m the only one in this country who feels that enough is enough and as a nation, we have to go in another direction by addressing those issues that truly affect the essence of our being. Is what bathroom a person uses more important than ensuring that a child makes it home alive from school? I’m just asking.

Doris K. Reed, Palm Desert

This article originally appeared on Palm Springs Desert Sun: After yesterday's shooting, enough is enough with assault weapons