Enrique Iglesias shared a video of him kissing a fan. Now the Internet is all confused

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Ariel Schalit/AP

Does Enrique Iglesias have some explaining to do?

A video that the pop singer shared Sunday on his Instagram (yes, his own Instagram) shows him passionately kissing a fan.

The caption said Friday night in Las Vegas, where Iglesias had two weekend concerts celebrating Mexican Independence Day at Resorts World Theatre.

OK, so the long-haired beauty in yellow pants smooched him first, but the father of three didn’t exactly back off.

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So maybe they got caught up in the moment. Iglesias is known for getting affectionate with guests of his show, often calling up women, who are more often than not freaking out, to the stage. That’s kind of his shtick and his partner of more than two decades, Anna Kournikova, is obviously OK with it.

But this most recent PDA video has people divided. Some commenters blamed the woman for basically throwing herself at him.

“God, that was cringey and desperate. He is practically pushing her off him,” one person wrote.

“I don’t care how much you love a celebrity, you don’t do this to a married person. Shame on her,” said another.

(For the record, the former tennis pro, 41, and Latin heartthrob are not married; at least we don’t see an official union on the Miami-Dade County court docket).

Others in the digital peanut gallery thought the 47 year old Spaniard could have pulled away faster and not appeared so, ahem, interested.

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“I don’t like it when other women kiss him!” complained a person in Spanish. “His kisses should only be for Anna.”

Someone else noted that if the tables were turned, the situation would have likely been seen differently.

“If this was done to a woman... smh... absolutely no respect.”

Time will tell how the Miami-based power couple weather this new online storm. The fact that Iglesias posted it may show that they are on board with both the “Hero” singer’s career choices and overly friendly interaction with his fan base.