Entertainment, Event Venues Reopen As New York Relaxes More COVID Restrictions

The businesses are permitted to operate at 33% capacity, with up to 100 people inside and 200 outside. CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.

Video Transcript

- Forward what steps for New York on the road to reopening.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Arts and entertainment venues reopen today. CBS 2's Dave Carlin live in Times Square with those details, Dave.

DAVE CARLIN: Kristin and Dick, Broadway is not included in this. But at other venues, you can see plays, stand up comedy, and music back under the lights and with live audiences. New York City music venues massive ones and some that are cozy are finally bringing back in the flesh performances.

- It's just so wild because it's for so long it's just been so cooped up. You just want to get out. You just want to have time.

DAVE CARLIN: Live music fan Christian Kane is outside Bowery Electric. Friday night the spot rocks again with Jesse Malin.


- (SINGING) Your voices--

MEGAN ZARNOTT: It's just exciting because people can physically see an artist again in person.

DAVE CARLIN: Manager Megan Zarnott says only 50 people are allowed because the state limits the crowd here to 33% capacity. Masks must be warm whenever anyone is standing up or moving around.

MEGAN ZARNOTT: Music is therapy for a lot of people. And it's important to give that to the customers.

- We're raring to go. We're itching to go.

DAVE CARLIN: Friday night, The Shed welcomes Kelsey Lu to its indoor stage.



ALEX POOTS: Standing in this room, we can do 2,000. And tonight, we'll have 150. There may be three steps forward or two steps back in the coming months. We're ready for that. If we have to press pause, we will to keep everyone safe.

DAVE CARLIN: The 33% cap does not work out financially for many locations. But several comedy clubs are coming back. And cavernous spaces like the Park Avenue Armory are creatively adapting.

On the 9th of this month, the audience here gets to dance. It's called Social, the Social Distance Dance club. All 13 performances quickly sold out.

At an indoor venue, a maximum of 150 people will be allowed as long as there is COVID testing. If there is not, that cap is 100 people. Live in Times Square, Dave Carlin, CBS 2 News.

KRINSTIN JOHNSON: OK, Dave, Thank you.