Entrepreneur sets up business which he says can you get you anything from million-dollar watches to private jets

An entrepreneur has set up a business which he says can you get you anything - after sourcing a working submarine as a venue for a corporate cocktail party.

Jonathan Murray, 32, founded Black Label Supply 18 months ago with Michael Tesseras, 28.

They spent several years with concierge company Quintessentially before going it alone, and has now built up a substantial customer base of wealthy clients.

Between Murray, Tesseras and two others, Black Label Supply claims to have established a network of contacts that they can use to source - just about anything.

They claim to be able source anything from million-dollar watches and private jets to tickets to the most exclusive events around the world - and even a submarine for cocktail parties.

Jonathan, from Maidstone, Kent said: "Between the four of us we work in partnership with other concierge businesses, who then use us for our contacts.

"This industry is all about who you know - and we know a hell of a lot of people."

Jonathan got the job with Quintessentially after he was recommended by a friend in the industry which is where he met Michael.

Jonathan plans to keep growing the business at a steady rate, but is hesitant to charge a membership fee as it will put him in direct competition with other industry giants.