Epic 10,000 Calorie Challenge Taken On by New Zealander

Can’t choose between your favorite fast food joints? Why not follow the lead of a competitive eater from Auckland, New Zealand, and order them all at once?

In a September 28 video, competitive eater and model Nela Zisser ordered multiple items from KFC, two pizzas from Domino’s, a Subway pork riblet sandwich, and some sushi to round things off.

The giant feed came to 10,788 calories by Zisser’s calculations.

The near-hour-long video of the feast was shared to her YouTube channel, where she can often be found making her way through outrageous food challenges.

Zisser has previously chronicled such food feats as wolfing down 10 Burger King Whoppers in 17 minutes, devouring a 1-kilo burrito in just under 100 seconds, and consuming a 2.2-pound jar of Nutella in under four minutes. Credit: Nela Zisser via Storyful