Epic Games to appeal ruling in Apple case

"Fortnite" game maker, Epic Games, said on Sunday it plans to file an appeal in its case against Apple over in-app purchasing power.

This announcement came after a federal judge on Friday handed down a mixed decision in the antitrust case.

A U.S district judge said Apple would have to loosen some rules on developers, forcing the company to allow alternative payment systems.

Although, the ruling favored Apple on other counts, including allowing it to continue prohibiting third party, in-app payment systems one of Epic's top requests.

Apple can also continue to charge commissions of 15 to 30 percent for payments within its app store known by some companies as an "Apple tax."

Epic had said it would continue its legal fight.

Analysts said the impact may depend heavily on how Apple chooses to implement the judge's decision.

Apple's critics said they are likely to turn to lawmakers instead of courts to seek changes.

Both Apple and Epic declined to comment on Sunday.

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