Episode 11: Hard times for Hometown Hardware

In a recovering economy, many aspiring entrepreneurs have found their opening to start a business. Some savvy boomerpreneurs, like Bill and Donna, are starting their own companies for the promise in new enterprise. Launching a small business later in life, however, comes with its own set of challenges.

Before opening their store, Hometown Hardware, Bill served as an executive at a large supermarket chain and Donna was a preschool teacher. A working knowledge of traditional marketing, loyal customers and a lot of perseverance has kept this small hardware store afloat, but with their savings now exhausted, Bill and Donna are turning to other opportunities to save their store.

The couple recently partnered with Josh Deutsch, the owner of a Cincinnati-based printing company, to develop a new logo and advertising. Taking cues from Remake America’s social media guru, Adam Broitman, Hometown Hardware launched a Facebook page focused on building content, conversation and engagement with their local community.

Bill updated financial expert Farnoosh Torabi on Hometown Hardware's progress. What have you done to push your business into the 21st century?