ERCOT Warns Of 'Tight Grid Conditions' Wednesday, But No Call To Conserve

On Tuesday, ERCOT sent out an alert shortly after 4:30 p.m. warning of potential "emergency conditions," and called on Texans to conserve for several hours.

Video Transcript

- Today, ERCOT called the state's power supply quote, "tight." But unlike yesterday, there is no appeal this afternoon to conserve energy right now. And well, some Texans who remember the power mess back in February are wondering now if they need to maybe buy a generator to keep the lights on. Here's our Robbie Owens.

ROBBIE OWENS: ERCOT's most recent call to conserve came on an 80 degree April day.

JIM JOYNT: A snowstorm, no 105 degree days in August, a beautiful 60 degree day in the middle of April, and ERCOT can't even manage the power grid.

ROBBIE OWENS: And for many, it was a flashback to cold, dark days. The prepared don't intend to see it repeated.

JIM JOYNT: That enough is enough. Half the people in our neighborhood have bought standby generators now because we don't trust the state to adequately run the power grid.

ROBBIE OWENS: ERCOT has explained that 25% of grade capacity is offline for maintenance. But Jim Joynt of Wylie says what he sees is more of the same.

JIM JOYNT: It seems like a lot of it was knee-jerk reaction and just whitewashing like usual from politicians that they didn't do anything. And we're still not seeing any changes.

ROBBIE OWENS: Joynt says a standby generator is an investment in peace of mind.

ROBERT MARTIN: Most people are desiring the EU7000 with 7,000 watts.

ROBBIE OWENS: But good luck getting your hands on one.

ROBERT MARTIN: We've probably got 50 or 60 people on the list right now waiting for generators.

ROBBIE OWENS: Robert Martin at Plano power equipment says generators were already hard to come by due to COVID and the manufacturing delays. Then the storms hit, and their stock was cleared out within two days. Even now, they're still struggling to keep up with the demand.

ROBERT MARTIN: They want to be on the list. They want to make sure they're on there to get one sometime here in the next few months. And I ask them, is it something you're going to be using daily or just emergency use only? And most of them are all saying it's emergency use only. They want it just in case.

JIM JOYNT: It's just exciting to know we're going to have this installed, up, and running in a few days and ready to go, and we'll be taken care of. We'll be protected.

ROBBIE OWENS: Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News.