Erdogan urges Russia, Iran to stop 'disaster' in Idlib

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    The photo of the overloaded mini truck was taken in Turkey or some random street by downtown Los Angeles?
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    must be a lot of sensitive information in Idlib
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    Turkey has never been on board, and Iran and Russia know it. They have their own agenda, which doesn't coincide with the best interests of Syria and its people. It was only a matter of time before their malfeasance was exposed. When this is all over Erdoğan will realize he is irrelevant and impotent.
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    The true Syrians have no problem with Assad. All the areas taken back By Syria have the civilians dancing in the streets and praising Assad. The so called Syrians that are not happy are either foreign fighters or terrorist traitors, who leaped at the chance to run a new Syria under U.S. control. All they had to do was win. Turkey should open its doors and take these traitors to Turkey. Maybe they can conduct an overthrow there.
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    Like Iraq it's much easier blowing things up than rebuilding.
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    The don's party line
    I wonder if the bulk of opposition fighters in Idlib are not ethnic Turk. If Assad goes in it may actually be a gut-punch to Turkey.
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    Erdogan Brought them, he can take them.
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    So now Erdogan is against Russia and Iran? Back in bed with us? That Turkish Lira being squeezed good.
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    Well yes! He doesn't want three million more refugees streaming across the border into Turkey !