Eric Adams holds slim lead over Kathryn Garcia in corrected NYC mayoral results

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NEW YORK — Eric Adams’ lead in the city’s Democratic mayoral race is even thinner than initially thought — with runner-up Kathryn Garcia trailing him by less than 15,000 ballots, according to corrected results released by the Board of Elections on Wednesday after an embarrassing tabulation snafu plunged the primary into chaos.

According to the updated unofficial returns, Adams clinched the top spot with 51.1% of the total vote after nine rounds of ranked-choice eliminations. Garcia, the city’s former sanitation commissioner, was the only other candidate left in the race after the ranked-choice rounds, capturing 48.9% of the vote, according to the BOE results.

That’s the same percentual margin as was displayed between Adams and Garcia in results released by the BOE on Tuesday that have since been withdrawn because the board admitted it had accidentally included 135,000 “test” ballots in that count.

However, Adams leads Garcia by only 14,755 ballots in the new tabulations — slightly less than the 15,908 votes that separated the two candidates in the first botched count.

Despite the nail-biting tightening of the race, Adams voiced confidence that he will prevail once nearly 125,000 outstanding absentee ballots are counted.

“There are still absentee ballots to be counted that we believe favor Eric — and we are confident we will be the final choice of New Yorkers when every vote is tallied,” the Adams campaign said in a statement.

The absentee ballots won’t be counted until July 6 at the earliest.

Garcia said she’s likewise optimistic about the absentees. But she also asked for patience from New Yorkers.

“While we remain confident in our path to victory, we are taking nothing for granted and encourage everyone to patiently wait for over 124,000 absentee ballots to be counted and included in the ranked-choice voting tabulation,” Garcia said. “Every vote is important and deserves to be counted.”


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