Eric Trump called his father on stage to say ‘I love you’. It did not go well

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A clip of Eric Trump calling his father from the stage of a political rally has gone viral because of the former president’s somewhat lacklustre response to being told by his son that he loves him.

Donald Trump’s second son was speaking at the ReAwaken America Tour in Canton, Ohio on Friday when he decided to phone his dad, to an enthusiastic response from the audience.

“You know what, Dad, there is so much love in this room for this country and for you and everything you accomplished,” said Eric. “And, um, I speak on behalf of every single person here: They love you, I love you, we’re proud of you.”

The elder Trump did not send his love back, but responded: “Well thank you very much, and everybody enjoy yourselves and have a good weekend, and I’ll be in Ohio soon and I’ll see you all.”

Twitter users were quick to mock the cringeworthy performance and cold response.

“This isn’t just sad, it’s pathetic,” wrote one person. “Parents, make sure your kids know they’re loved. Never make your kids beg for your love and attention.”

Another tweeted: “The proper response to a son who says ‘I love you’ – and I’m going out on a shaky limb here… is… ‘I love you’.”

Others had some sympathy for Eric: “It’s almost hard not to feel sorry for his sons. (Am capable of that and unending disdain, too.).”

“Could just imagine how Eric feels.”

“The ONLY reason Daddy takes this call is the crowd,” said one Twitter user.

One detail picked up from an extended video clip is that Eric has his father listed in his phone as “Dad — POTUS”.

Other speakers at the event included Trump loyalist luminaries such as conspiracy theorist broadcaster Alex Jones, Lt Gen Michael Flynn, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.