Eric Trump Runs to Sean Hannity to Whine About FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago

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Fox News
Fox News

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Monday let Eric Trump complain at length about the “political persecution” of his father after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Florida home, reportedly in search of documents that may have been kept in violation of the Presidential Records Act.

The former president’s son accused the Biden administration of orchestrating the raid, a claim that the White House denied, according to a Politico correspondent, saying it had no advance knowledge.

“Sean, this didn’t come from the little local FBI field office in Palm Beach, Florida. You know who this came from. This came from one place and one building, and that is the White House in Washington, D.C.,” Trump said.

“To have 30 FBI agents—actually more than that—descend on Mar-a-Lago, give absolutely no notice, go through the gates, start ransacking an office, ransacking a closet… they broke into a safe. He didn’t even have anything in the safe,” Trump claimed. “I mean, give me a break. And this is coming from, what, the National Archives?”

In February, the National Archives informed Congress that upon leaving office, Trump took with him to Florida documents that were marked as classified, and that NARA staff were communicating with the Justice Department on the matter.

Eric Trump didn’t seem concerned that the FBI would find anything that pertains to the investigation, though. When a skeptical Hannity asked what documents “could possibly rise to that level” of requiring a warrant-authorized search of an ex-president’s home, Trump said the FBI might instead find personal correspondences between family members, “some nice headlines,” and “maybe a nice note from you, Sean.”

Prior to Eric Trump’s appearance, several commentators on Fox as well as Hannity himself responded to this unprecedented development by criticizing Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. Trump’s grievance-filled remarks fell along the same lines.

After decrying how, as his father put it in a post on Truth Social, “They even broke into my safe,” Trump brought up Joe Biden’s son.

“And yet Hunter Biden, he did firearms crimes, prostitution, illegal drugs, you know, shady deals with everybody around the world. And by the way, it’s all in his laptop for the whole world to see,” Trump said. “Where are these FBI agents? Where is everybody? Why is it that the arrows only fly at Donald Trump and his family? Why is it that the political persecution only goes one way in this country?

He continued: “When do you give up? When do you say enough is enough? When do you give a human being who fought so hard for this country—when do you give them the benefit of the doubt?”

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