Erica Banks Won't Go Out With Friends Who Are "Not Thick Enough"

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Erica Banks has ruffled feathers once again for saying that she won’t go out with certain friends if they don’t have a voluptuous body.

A Certain Look

Only few months ago, Erica Banks went viral after saying  that Nicki Minaj did not collaborate with talented rappers, rather, cosigned other female rappers who did not have the talent. This led to massive backlash, and when Minaj caught wind of Bank’s comment, she cut off all contact. Following the incident, it seems like Banks is currently back on the blogs because of the recent comments that she made about what she wants her friends to physically look like. In the circulating video, Banks is seen looking into the camera and saying that her friends have to have a “certain type of look” if they will be clubbing with her.


In her own words Banks further said:

“If she don’t look how I want her to look, physically, I don’t want her to come, because the look of everything is so important to me.”

In another part of the video, Banks says that if a person doesn’t fit her brand, or doesn’t have curves in all the right places, she can go to the cookout, but not the club. Understandably, that triggered a lot of strong reactions online, with many people calling Banks out for being a snob, especially since it was public knowledge that she had undergone plastic surgery. After several people called the Texas native out for sitting on a high horse, she took to social media to double down on her earlier comments.

The “Buss It” rapper also had some strongly-worded retorts for people who pointed out her seeming big headedness and ignorance. She further pointed out that she could hang out with whomever she chose to bless with her presence.

Banks’ sentiment echo the problematic views that were shared by a TikToker a few months ago who said that she only wanted to have friends who aesthetically looked like her. This is a troubling sentiment that has been perpetuated by society’s pretentious and ever-evolving beauty standards.