Erin Moran's Sunday Weather Update

Sunday saw some beautiful spring weather with temperatures in the low 80s.

Video Transcript

- Temperatures able to warm into the low and middle 80s. We got to 82 degrees at DFW Airport. Started at 50 this morning, so it was a little cooler. But it makes sense with the clear skies and the winds sort of lightening up.

Right now, we've got temperatures sitting in the mid and upper 70s the farther east you are, and then for Breckenridge, it's close to 90 degrees out west. 82 in Denver and Dallas, right now. 79 for Fort Worth, 78 in McKinney, so it is warm generally. Most of us are seeing sunshine.

I will say, into tonight, you notice by 10, 11 o'clock in the evening, a little bit of cloud cover moving in. It's going to be breezy with those winds out of the south. Clouds increase overnight, so that's going to keep temperatures pretty mild to start your Monday. I think we'll see low 60s across most of North Texas, and tomorrow is another warm day. But it's going to be cloudier.

Partly sunny skies for your Monday with a high of 83. Breezy south winds expected Tuesday. Similar story, breezy south winds, clouds. 30% chance for some isolated storms in the afternoon, but rain and storm chances pick up into the evening. Wednesday, coverage is up to 70%, and temperatures are starting to dip a little bit.

So here's Tuesday morning. We're just kind of dealing with the cloudy skies. System moving in from the west, Tuesday afternoon, so not much showing up just yet. But I do think we see more widespread coverage Tuesday night into Wednesday, and then Wednesday is really when things start to get going.

We've got a system moving in from the west, so we will have scattered showers and storms. And really, coverage picks up to 80% Wednesday night and into Thursday. I think Thursday, right now, is the day, where we see the heaviest rain as this cold front is just kind of hovering right over North Texas. It should begin to clear out as we get into Tuesday, or I should say, should begin to clear out as we get into Thursday afternoon and evening.

So by Friday, I've only got rain chances at 20%, but it is definitely going to be a soggy midweek. I will say, right now, we're going to specifically watch for Tuesday, maybe a few stronger storms in some of our western counties, and then we'll keep an eye on Wednesday, as well, as that cold front starts to move through North Texas. So you've got temperatures at 79 on Wednesday down into the mid 70s by Thursday, and then we, hopefully, have a pretty nice weekend in store next weekend with mostly sunny skies and highs in the low 80s. But hopefully, enjoy the sunshine this weekend, because more clouds around to start the workweek, and then those rain chances picking back up once we get into Tuesday and Wednesday.