Erin Moran's Weather Update

Some more beautiful weather heading into the weekend. Pollen counts are high though!

Video Transcript

ERIN MORAN: So we've got the scuzzy skies, of course, and I think we're going to keep a lot of the sunshine around as we go into your Friday, as well. I mean, there is not a cloud in the sky from our Fossil Rim Wildlife Center cam there. Just goes to show how dry the air is. And when we're talking about the dry air, look at that dew point at 22 degrees, that humidity at 17%. This is exceptionally low, especially for this time of year.

So we know a strong cold front rolled through, brought in the drier air in place, and now we get to enjoy these temperatures in the mid and upper 60s across most of north Texas. Breckenridge is sitting at 73, but the lone spot sitting in the 70s. Everyone else is in the mid and upper 60s. This is comparable to where we were yesterday. Most spots are at least a degree or two warmer, but overall, not too bad.

High pressure-- it's in control of our weather. You do see some of those clouds out to the west, though. There's going to be a weak disturbance that kind of moves to the south of us over the weekend. While I do think we stay rain-free this weekend, I do think we'll notice a little bit of cloud cover building in, especially as we get late into the day tomorrow.

But for now, clear skies continue. That is going to be the trend into tonight, as well. So clear skies, light winds, and dry air. You add all of those up, that means it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. 30s and low 40s across north Texas once again. Earlier today, we started at 42 at DFW Airport, but there were a lot of spots that dropped into the 30s. So whatever you wore out the door this morning, you're probably going to want it for tomorrow morning, as well.

But into the afternoon, our winds start to pick up out of the south-southeast, 10 to 20 miles an hour. So we should start to see temperatures climbing a little bit, and then we get those clouds to move in, as well. So partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies as we go into Friday evening. And in the weekend forecast, we'll notice more clouds around, as well.

Tomorrow-- so we start off cool in the 40s. Mid-50s by 10:00 AM. Mid-60s by lunchtime. Perfect for getting out for that lunchtime walk. And then upper 60s and maybe a few spots even into the low 70s. And we continue with this nice trend of warmer weather into the weekend. 68 degrees forecast on Saturday. Sunday, a high of 73. Partly sunny skies both days, so a mix of sun and clouds, and both days featuring breezy conditions, as well.

73 is our forecast high for Easter. Average high temperature for Easter is about 75 degrees. At least it's not going to be the hottest ever, which was 95 degrees, set back in 2006. And we do not expect any rain. What we do expect, hopefully, a little bit of a break in the allergens. They're in the high category for today and into tomorrow. But you see them dip back into that medium category for Saturday and Sunday.

And then they skyrocket once again as we get into Monday, and that's because high pressure is building in as we go through the weekend and into next week. So temperatures are going to soar. 80 degrees forecast on Monday, up to 85 by next Thursday. Partly cloudy skies. Lows will be back into the upper 50s and low 60s, as well. So we probably won't need the sweatshirts for the mornings by next weekend.