Erin Moran's Weather Update

Expect a very warm start to the week.

Video Transcript

- You know, I do think it's probably going to be a little warmer for next Sunday compared to where we topped out at today. 81 degrees was our high today. And we did pick up four hundredths of an inch of rain at DFW airport as well, and that is from that upper level low. We've been talking about this system for days. It's what's left us with the cloudy skies, the rain in the forecast. But now as it moves off to the east and kind of brings that rain and storm activity to the Midwest, we are clearing out from it.

So we've had a beautiful afternoon, lots of sunshine. It's going to be mostly clear tonight and warm as well. Temperatures expected to drop into the upper 60s and low 70s. It's going to be breezy.

But check it out tomorrow. Maybe our first 90 degree day of 2021 here in North Texas, forecasting a high of 91. I think we're going to have mostly sunny skies, a nice breeze out of the south southwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour, so you'll definitely notice the wind tomorrow has to do with our next cold front on the way.

So ahead of the front we're going to get this dry line to move in. So here's 5 o'clock in the afternoon. You've got a little bit of cloud cover along the I-35 corridor, and you notice a little bit of green popping up in Central Texas. Well then as we go a little bit farther into the evening, 7, 8 o'clock, we start to see storms developing mainly to the east of I-35, and it does look like some stronger storms will be possible.

Now cold front sweeps through very quickly. We've got a few lingering showers and some of our Eastern counties by Tuesday morning. Into Tuesday afternoon we are dry and we're clearing out, and we really settle in for a nice rest of the week. But we will watch for some of those stronger storms. I think this is mainly to the east of I-35, and you can see just a sliver of our northern counties, Paris to Sulfur Springs under that level two slight risk for strong storms.

Not everyone is going to see strong storms tomorrow night, not everyone is even going to see rain for tomorrow night. But we will all notice a little bit of a cool down into Tuesday, and then the rest of the week, dry and getting warmer as high pressure kind of builds in, and this is going to be the case as we make our way into next weekend. Just isolated storms possible for next Saturday and Sunday, but we've got temperatures in the middle and upper 80s. But tomorrow, boy, a high of 91 followed by a high of 74 on Tuesday.