Erin Moran's Weather Update

Sunday saw heavy rain and even tornado warnings throughout North Texas.

Video Transcript

ERIN MORAN: Yeah, we did have some sunshine, especially out to the West. So temperatures were able to warm into the mid and upper 70s. But of course, around midday and into the early afternoon time frame, there was heavy rain across North Texas. Now that's pushing east this evening. But we still have to watch for a few different disturbances, just in the next few hours.

But look at just the last 24 hours. If we just kind of take a little bit of a swath of the area, you can see 3 and 1/2 to 4 inches of rain falling. And this fell in more like a 12-hour time span. But then you zoom on into Dallas County, where we had that tornado warning earlier, and you can see some estimates of 4 to 5 inches of rain.

And this was falling in one to two hours. So it would make sense that there is a flash flood warning still in place for Dallas County through 6:30 in the evening. We've had reports of some flooded roads, some impassable roads, and especially around White Rock Lake we are going to be dealing with some issues there with all of that rain kind of headed down.

Now what we're going to watch, I think, in the next hour or so, look up to the North, just over the border where we've got this line of storms. And you almost see a little bit of a bowing effect. So that indicates not just heavy rain, but some pretty strong winds.

So these are severe thunderstorms. They're just over the border into Oklahoma right now. And we kind of watch them move south and east as we go through the next hour. Most models have this weakening.

So we have to kind of keep an eye on that. 6, 7, 8 o'clock, you see from Bowie just to the East of 35, they're weakening, they're kind of breaking apart, they're losing that intensity. And then they continue to move a little farther south, closer to the Metroplex, and it just kind of becomes more rain and a few storms. But we've got plenty of rain in the forecast. You notice by 2:00 AM, we've got some stronger storms kind of moving from Palo Pinto farther South. And they're moving to the East.

And then, here we go. 5 AM, you've got another line of storms moving from Oklahoma over the border. We get to 10:00 AM, and we've got some strong storms out to the East and out to the West as well. And there is plenty more with this, because remember, we've been talking about this upper level low out to the West.

So look at the rounds of rain that just start to move through North Texas. Here's 11 AM tomorrow you've got rain moving through the Metroplex. We've got a strong line of storms moving in tomorrow evening. And then Tuesday is really going to be the day to watch, because look at how close this rotation gets to us.

So here's 9:00 AM on Tuesday, and you've got heavy rain, you've got strong winds. There's a lot going on with this system if it does, in fact, materialize. It moves right over I-35, continues moving east. So Tuesday I think, is definitely going to be a day to watch for the possibility of some stronger storms and that flash flooding threat as well.

Flash flood watches in place through Wednesday morning at this point. It was issued earlier this morning. They issued it for three days. And we've got more rain on the way.

I mean, you look at the next seven days, and we could be talking about 5 to 7 inches of rainfall accumulating. And it wouldn't altogether shock me if there were some spots that got closer to 10 inches of rain when all was said and done, because you see the 7-day forecast, and we've got rain chances anywhere from 50% to 90% Monday through Saturday. Hopefully, by Sunday it starts to let up a little bit. Those rain chances down to 30% by Sunday [INAUDIBLE].