Erin Moran's Weather Update

The rain chances start picking up Sunday night and into Monday morning.

Video Transcript

- Are we going to see more of that kind of heavy rainfall in the coming week or so?

ERIN MORAN: You know, I do think that's going to be the main threat for tonight and into tomorrow morning, especially when we have some of the higher coverage. But temperature-wise today, because we haven't seen that much rain, thank goodness, giving the chance for some of those places in Dallas County and Collin County to dry out, we topped out at 88 degrees at DFW Airport. And you notice, we have not picked up any rainfall just yet. And temperatures are still warm across north Texas. Looking at current temperatures, we've got middle and upper 80s. You do notice though, Sherman sitting at 73, and I'll explain why just in a second.

But what you can expect over the next few hours into tonight, I do think we're going to have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. And as far as temperatures are concerned, upper 70s by 10:00. You notice the rain chance is still only at about 20%. But as we look at a view of satellite and radar just kind of looping over the last few hours, you can see we've had a cluster of storms in parts of northern Grayson County especially. Some small pea-size hail reported kind of right along that Oklahoma-Texas line there.

So the storms, they've been below the severe weather limits, but that's why temperatures are a little bit cooler in Sherman, just a little bit more rain ongoing there right now. So what we're going to be watching for into tonight, a complex of storms expected to develop out in west Texas. And then we're going to watch that get closer to us as we go into the overnight hours.

So as we look at Futurecast, not expecting a ton as we go through again, the evening hours. But as we get into that 10 PM time frame, that midnight time frame, we'll be watching for a little bit more in the way of storm activity, especially along the Red River. And then once we get into that 10 PM time frame or into tomorrow morning, we'll be watching for some of those stronger storms. So we've got the rain and storm chances at about 80% for tomorrow morning. We're going to watch for that heavy rain threat, especially flash flood watch goes into place at 3:00 AM.