Erin Moran's Weather Update

Rain chances remain in the forecast through the weekend.

Video Transcript

ERIN MORAN: We do have scattered showers and storms in the forecast, but not everyone is going to see the rain constantly. It's not a washout for tonight and into tomorrow. Starting to get a little darker from our DFW Cam there, so we do have some storms in the area. If you are flying out this evening you're probably going to want to check for delays with your airline.

We're not expecting severe weather, but certainly some heavier rain will be possible. You can see at DFW airport we picked up more than a 1/4 of an inch of rain today, and temperatures were still able to top out at 87 degrees. Just looking at the radar estimated rainfall over the last 24 hours, most spots that have seen some rain, it's been generally on the lighter side. But you do notice in the Cook County, Grayson County, Fannin County, that's where we're seeing some spots maybe picking up more than an inch of rain in the last 24 hours.

And I think that's going to continue to be the case in the next several hours with some heavier rain there. Metroplex, you've got some storms kind of developing right along that Johnson Ellis County line, and then they're moving up to the north. We do have some storms through Ellis County as well. But it's northern Collin County and then into parts of Grayson and Fannin counties.

We're not only are we seeing the heavy rain right now, but we've got what we call training storms, where they're not really moving they've just kind of tapped into this energy, this moisture in one particular area. And so that heavy rain is really from Van Alstyne up towards Sherman, right in that area. Hasn't moved. So I think some minor flooding could be an issue for parts of Grayson County in the next hour or so.

Rain chances for tonight, especially the farther east you are, coverage is at 50%. So that means 50% of you are going to see showers and storms at any given time. And then as we go a little farther to the west the rain chances lighten up a little bit. And then into tomorrow, we have a similar forecast. We'll start off the day with cloudy skies, a few light showers possible, and then into the afternoon when we start to get that daytime heating we have a few more pop up showers and storms.

But I've actually got coverage only at about 40% during the day tomorrow. So that's a little bit lower than where we had it for today, but I do think we have to watch into tomorrow evening. In fact, we are going to be watching some of our western counties tomorrow evening for a few stronger storms. I think this kind of arrives after midnight though, so this may affect more of you for your Monday morning commute. What we're watching is a complex of storms out in west Texas that develops and maybe moves in in that morning commute time frame.

So gusty winds, potentially some strong to severe winds with these storms. Question though, does it move more through us in north Texas or does it move more through central Texas? But I actually think Monday it's probably the last day where we have that more consistent rainfall coverage. By Tuesday, down to 40%. Wednesday 20%, and yes, you saw that correctly. Thursday and Friday I took rain out of the forecast and high temperatures soar to near 90.