Escaping COVID: Riding South Africa's luxury Blue Train

The Blue Train, one of South Africa's premiere tourist attractions, connects coastal Cape Town with capital city Pretoria. Locals are getting a chance to get on board thanks to the pandemic.

Video Transcript

- A lot of people had it on their bucket list. For the general public of South Africa, it was beyond their scope.

ABRAHAM OLIVIER: Well we have a business in Cape Town. And we like traveling down there or back to where we actually live. And when we get to Cape Town, we are totally relaxed.

SECHAN PILLAY: Now that we had COVID, and the borders were closed, we have made it accessible to the general public in South Africa.

- Even if you've seen it a thousand times, but I will never get tired of the view. It has been the-- morning has broken.

- Of course, if you sat in your suite, can't really see what's going on. But here you can look that side, you can look backwards. You can see anything you want to see.

SECHAN PILLAY: And the locals have [INAUDIBLE] the pleasure. They've really taken to it and we've had a great response.

QUEEN SETSHEDI: If I could do it once every year, wa. You know? This year, I do the Cape Town Pretoria. Next year, I do the Pretoria Cape Town. You know, just to spice my life.

- This is [INAUDIBLE] You're relaxed. You enjoy good food, good wine, good company.