ESPN Announcer Dick Vitale Shares He Is Cancer-Free: 'News I Wish EVERY Cancer Patient Can Hear'

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Dick Vitale
Dick Vitale

Ethan Miller/Getty Dick Vitale

Famed college basketball announcer Dick Vitale, who was diagnosed with multiple cancers in the last few years, is now free of the disease, he shared Wednesday.

In a tweet, 83-year-old Vitale said his doctor declared him officially cancer free.

"Dr Rick Brown just notified me with my results of my major Pet Scan & told me news I wish EVERY cancer patient can hear," he wrote in the message. "He said 'Dick u have gone from being in remission to being CANCER FREE' ! Thank u to ALL of YOU that have sent me (prayers)."

Vitale, who spent over 40 years of his career on ESPN commentating basketball games for the network, first announced his battle with cancer in Oct. 2021 in an essay for Front Row. In the piece, Vitale said he had been diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, just weeks after he revealed a melanoma diagnosis, which he was later cleared of.

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Before his lymphoma diagnosis, doctors believed he might have had bile duct cancer, which would have required intensive surgery. However, they later determined that he had precancerous dysplasia in his throat, a growth on his vocal cords that could become cancerous if left untreated.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 20: Dick Vitale attends the 2022 ESPYs at Dolby Theatre on July 20, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/WireImage)
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 20: Dick Vitale attends the 2022 ESPYs at Dolby Theatre on July 20, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/WireImage)

Momodu Mansaray/WireImage

Vitale was instructed to go three months without talking to save his vocal cords and prevent the growths from getting larger. He also had to undergo months of chemotherapy to fight the disease. The legendary commentator said it was incredibly hard to rest his voice.

"You're just depressed," Vitale told Graham Bensinger on In Depth with Graham Bensinger. "You're down, you're upset, you're frustrated."

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In April, Vitala said a recent check-up showed no signs of cancer, a sign he had officially gone into remission.

"It was RING THE BELL TIME!" he tweeted. "Yes it was a tough 7 months, but it was super hearing Dr Brown @SMHCS say that I have zero cancer currently. I was inspired daily by the famous words of my late buddy Jimmy V 'Don't Give up DON'T EVER GIVE UP!'"

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In July, ESPN honored Vitale with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the 2022 ESPYs. He spent much of his speech praising the Jimmy V Foundation, which funds research into finding a cure for cancer.

"No kid or child should be going through chemo or radiation," Vitale said.

"[Cancer] doesn't discriminate, it comes after all," he later added. "It doesn't matter race or religion, it will bring you to your knees. There's only one way to beat it, my friends, we have to raise dollars and give oncologists a fighting chance."

Vitale ended his speech with a message to "keep chasing your dreams, keep chasing your goals."