ESPN SportsCenter review staff

ESPN SportsCenter provides detailed and reliable news coverage with its all-encompassing application. The recent updates improved this application's multimedia tools and social network capabilities; however, the overuse of advertisements can hinder overall enjoyment.


High-quality media: Aside from providing standard news stories, you will find that the newest version of ESPN SportsCenter offers improved video and picture quality. Our tests of the Twitter integration also found that all outside images within the SportsCenter application itself retain original quality.

Fast operation: We easily opened all videos and news articles without any lag on the part of SportsCenter. This application handles all tasks that are assigned, proving that the newest stability updates patched recent performance issues. During our tests, we received all breaking news alerts and other messages as the event was occurring.

Social integration: A prominent aspect of this application is the live Twitter stream that provides real-time news and updates. Additionally, the new video sharing tool on ESPN SportsCenter's newsfeed makes communication easier.


Excessive advertisements: While this is a free application, SportsCenter uses obtrusive advertisements in the middle of text and pop-ups when switching between windows. This unpleasant system could be more refined and is very distracting.

Bottom Line

ESPN SportsCenter performs well in many regards, and you will enjoy the comprehensive coverage that it offers. Aside from the advertisements, there are few issues to be found with such a well-built application.

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