Esquire Presents: The 'Game of Thrones' Boys of Summer

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To love Game of Thrones is to suffer. When Ned Stark's head was suddenly chopped off at the end of Season One, Game of Thrones made a statement: Everyone is expendable. Since then-with the Red Wedding, the Sept of Baelor, Oberyn Martell, Rickon Stark, Jojen, Hodor, Shireen, all those dead direwolves, and more-fans have grown accustomed to seeing their heroes die. Game of Thrones Season Eight will be a bloodbath; fans have come to terms with this. Each and every character is on the chopping block.

But there are a few characters on this show so good, so pure, so sexy, and so beloved that fans aren't prepared for their likely demise. We expect Jaime Lannister and probably Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen to die, but these guys, it's gonna hurt if and when they go.

For Season Eight, Esquire editors picked their four favorite characters to profile. Since summer is coming, we've brought the beach to them. And we've timed these four profiles to be revealed after each character's biggest episode of the season. We'll begin with our profile of Daniel Portman, who plays the beloved Podrick Payne, and will unveil our other mystery profiles following episodes three, four, and five. So check back each week as we update this page and use the postcards below to guide you to the latest profiles.

And, as winter has come and gone, we'll always remember Game of Thrones' sweet boys of summer.

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Photo credit: Tyler Joe / Mike Kim
Photo credit: Tyler Joe / Mike Kim
Photo credit: Tyler Joe / Mike Kim