Essentia Water Parters with AMBUSH® Designer Yoon Ahn

Essentia Water expands its cultural imprint with a collaboration in partnership with Yoon Ahn of AMBUSH. The project kicks off with a video segment as part of Essentia's "Stop for Nothing" series. In the video, Ahn pauses for hydration with a bottle of Essentia water while managing and designing her brand.

“There’s something so simple and human about taking a moment in the midst of the chaos to hydrate and re-focus your energy,” said Ahn in a press release. “This message is an extension of my own creative process and has been integral to my success.”

“Through this new partnership, we’re aiming to inspire our consumers to remain resilient while also focusing on self-care,” says Zola Kane, Head of Marketing at Essentia Water. “We are thrilled to welcome Yoon, a true creative powerhouse and pop culture phenomenon, to Essentia Nation.”

Watch the video segment below and stay tuned for further detail on the evolving partnership.