'The Eternal Zero' scoops Japanese Academy Awards, 'Frozen' recognized

"The Eternal Zero" (2014) was a box office and critical success

Takashi Yamazaki's touching tale of a young man searching for family truth was a winner at the 2015 Japanese Academy Prize awards, just as it was at the box office the year before.

Announced on Friday, February 27, the awards saw "The Eternal Zero" count among its prizes those for Best Picture, Outstanding Performance by a Leading Actor, Director of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction, and Most Popular Actor.

Leading male Junichi Okada was also awarded with Best Supporting Actor for his part in "A Samurai Chronicle," while director Takashi Yamazaki received the prize for Best Animated Film, "Stand By Me Doraemon."

Best Actress went to Rie Miyazawa in "Pale Moon," adapted from a novel about a bank employee who ends up embezzling funds from rich clients.

It also starred one of six best newcomers at the Japan Academy Prize, Sosuke Ikematsu of 2003 Tom Cruise film "The Last Samurai."

Best Supporting Actress went to Haru Kuroki in "The Little House," while Disney musical fantasy "Frozen" was awarded Outstanding Foreign Language Film, an award that ties in with popular sentiment after it topped the Japanese Box Office for a 16-week stretch.