'Eternals' cast talks love and relationships

Marvel Studios' 'Eternals', about a group of superpowered alien beings who have presided over Earth secretly for years, is set to appear in cinemas on November 5.

In the film, the family of 10 reunite after being apart for several millennia to fight the Deviants, an alien species they swore to protect humankind from.

"It's not only in different perspectives but it explores different kinds of love, love to duty, love to a planet, love to a family, the love between friends, the love between men and women, the love between men and men, the love between women and women without being sexual, you know, the love for an ideology," Hayek added.

Actor Angelina Jolie joined the cast as the weapon master Thena.

'Eternals' was delayed several times during the pandemic, but Jolie thinks that it's actually been a positive for the film.

She said "We've all been so divided with COVID and there's something about a film that does think a lot about the Earth, and life and family and love but also is a very global film and is about us coming together. So it feels very good to put this out right now and share it globally."

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