EU affirms security commitments to Ukraine, pledges winter aid

The European Council discussed ongoing and future security commitments to Ukraine at its meeting in Brussels on Oct. 26 and 27, according to a document published by the Council.

The Council promised "to provide strong financial, economic, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support to Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes."

The report detailed both urgent and long-term security needs. Due to the increase in Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, the Council agreed to provide "power generators, power transformers, mobile heating stations, and high-voltage and lighting equipment" to see Ukraine through the winter.

Members also discussed military aid, and concluded that Ukraine's most pressing defense needs included ammunition and air defense systems. The Council report said it was important to accelerate these provisions, particularly the initative to supply Ukraine with one million rounds of ammunition.

Regarding long-term security committments, the Council called upon the EU's High Representative, Josep Borrell, to hold consultations with Ukraine and report the conclusions of those discussions at the next Council meeting in December.

The Council further promised to build international support for the Ukrainian peace formula, find ways to channel revenues from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine, and strengthen sanctions against Russia.

The European Council also pledged to support Moldova "in addressing the challenges it faces as a consequence of the Russian aggression against Ukraine."

The next meeting of the European Council will take place on December 14-15.

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