EU considers ban on U.S. travelers: report

Americans looking at economies opening up across Europe and thinking, hmmmm maybe a summer trip isn’t such a bad idea, could be facing one major roadblock….a big you’re not welcome sign.

In what is likely to be an embarrasment to the White House, The European Union is prepared to block Americans from entering, according to a report in the New York Times, citing a draft list of who or who will not be permitted to enter the region.

With the U.S. death toll topping 120,000, the largest of any country, EU officials fear Americans could re-infect Europeans.

The tables have turned as Europe has done a better job at controlling the outbreak.

Back in March, President Donald Trump took the dramatic step of imposing sweeping restrictions to prevent people from 26 European countries from traveling to the United States for a month.

America is not the only country getting the cold shoulder - the EU is also considering bans for travelers coming from Russia and Brazil, two other nations with top infection rates.