Global Cases Top 1.5 Million; Singapore Numbers Up: Virus Update

Bloomberg News
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    Those numbers are not accurate. We still don't have enough tests to test everyone. Doctors think the numbers could actually be double. Deaths are not reported accurately and people who died and were never tested because there weren't enough tests, will never be counted.
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    Government failures all around. A few got it right. Taiwan, 81 miles from China, millions travel between the two. As of yesterday 379 infected and 5 dead and no national lock-down for the 23 million people. How? Didn't trust China and WHO and started screening, testing, utilize proper hygiene starting back in January. If ill or have symptoms 14 day self quarantine. Taiwan told WHO the CCP virus was worse than being advertised. WHO refused to pass info along to world because it only recognizes China not Taiwan.

    Taiwan learned from past pandemics and planned for the next unlike most of the world. Government employees and politicians gross failures.
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    Mike The Falopal Slayer
    China's image will never be repaired, they are reopening wet markets eating cats dogs and exotic animals, look through recent history where the majority of outbreaks come from and remember history keeps going around in circles, watch where the next virus comes from, if they do not stop consumer like termites and bleeding the earth, eventually we will all suffer
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    Good people of Spain. Be sure to send Comrade Xi a thank you card. He appreciates them.
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    “For God’s sake, we have lost more than 60,000 citizens of the world,” he said. “Even one person is precious.” Of course every life is precious, especially if it is your own but the current situation is not sustainable.
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    Fauci is not the end all in answers! Remember he has been a government employee for over 40 years! There are many, many other infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists who have NOT been consulted concerning the virus. Fauci and the cdc have used some model projections that have such wide variable numbers that are not correct because they keep adding variables and changing the numbers!! Right now in America, the deaths from the virus is the same as flu numbers!! Isolating and distancing people gives a false numbers of the virus and we will end with another wave of virus victims!! Be careful out there!
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    With WHO so obviously in bed with China, there's really no reason for US to keep funding it to help China. I say we pull out. It certainly didn't do us any favors this time.
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    The WHO said there is no need to restrict travel. Why did they lie?
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    We are in an undeclared war with China.
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    "Democrats want $250 billion in small business aid, with $125 billion channeled through community-based financial institutions that serve farmers, family, women, minority and veteran-owned cos, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement." What this means is pork.