EU plans special prosecutor’s office to investigate Russian crimes

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The article states that the plan would include prosecutors from Ukraine and other countries, and has received broad support from EU member states.

According to Bloomberg, the European Commission, along with the European Agency for Justice Cooperation in criminal matters, is discussing the details of the way the proposed international structure would work, and other related issues.

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At the same time, the agency notes that negotiations on a special international tribunal for Ukraine continue to be bogged down in legal disputes.

On Jan. 27, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said that an international tribunal, or its equivalent, to hold Russia accountable for war crimes committed in Ukraine could begin its work in summer 2023. The United States is working on this issue together with other G7 countries and Ukraine.

On Jan. 26, a meeting of the Core Group on establishment of the Special Tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression against Ukraine was held in Prague, Czech Republic, attended by representatives of 20 countries.

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On Jan. 19, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in support of the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that a special tribunal is the only meaningful way to bring Russia's top political and military leadership to justice for aggression against a sovereign state.

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