EU says it will never renegotiate Brexit deal despite Boris Johnson claims: 'Full stop'

Jon Stone

The European Commission has again reiterated that the Brexit withdrawal agreement will not be negotiated, "full stop" – despite claims by Boris Johnson that he would somehow be able to re-open talks.

When asked whether the agreement could be reopened under any circumstances – including to stop a no-deal or prevent a hard border in Ireland, – a spokesperson for the Commission was emphatic:

"I can confirm, as has been repeated several times, we will not be renegotiating the withdrawal agreement, full stop," she told reporters in Brussels.

Asked to comment on what the view was of Mr Johnson was within the EU institutions, the spokesperson said: "I would refrain from using any kind of adjectives to define any future prime minister of the United Kingdom and will repeat what we have said before, which is that the Commission will work with any prime minister in the spirit of good cooperation."

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