EU should set timeline for future expansion — Borrell

Josep Borrell

EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell wants to set a date for candidate countries such as Ukraine to join the bloc, Dutch newspaper Leidsch Dagblad reported on Aug. 31. 

According to him, this approach urges both Brussels and the aspiring member states to prepare for orderly entry.

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Specifically, Borrell supported a proposal previously voiced by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel. Michel suggested 2030 as the year when both the EU and candidate countries should be ready for the union's expansion.

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Borrell agrees with Michel that "it would good to set a goal, a horizon, to give political momentum to the process."

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However, he underscored that potential members must satisfy the membership requirements at the time, "otherwise, it will not happen."

On June 22, European Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi stated that Ukraine has met two of the seven recommendations of the European Commission to start negotiations for EU entry, and other recommendations are still in the process of implementation.

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