EU signs deal for monkeypox vaccines

STORY: Health authorities around the world are racing to tackle the monkeypox outbreak.

Now the EU has signed a big deal for the supply of vaccines.

It’s set to get about 110,000 doses from Danish pharmaceuticals firm Bavarian Nordic.

Deliveries will start immediately and be complete within months.

About 900 cases of the virus have been reported in 19 EU countries, and also in Norway and Iceland.

The latter two will be able to get the EU doses despite not being members.

Right now the Bavarian Nordic shot is authorised by the EU for use against smallpox - a closely related virus - but not monkeypox.

The European Commission says regulators are working on a speedy approval.

Some member states, including Germany and Spain, have already placed their own orders for monkeypox vaccines.

Bavarian Nordic raised its financial outlook for the year following news of the EU deal.