Euclid Police Community Response Unit having impact in city

Aug. 31—The Euclid Police Department is dedicated to the protection and safety of its residents, but it also is committed to building trust within the community.

According to a post on the department's Facebook page, the Euclid Police Department formed its Community Response Unit on March 6, 2022, in response to the nationwide rise in violent crime that has affected the city.

The police department obtained a public grant that allowed for the hiring of three new officers so that three veteran officers could be assigned to the CRU for three years.

Officers Matt Gilmer, Sam Thirion and Brandon Moore make up the three-person unit. The CRU supervisor is Capt. Mitch Houser with Sgt. Shon Williams also heavily involved.

The Community Response Unit is attached to the department's Community Policing Unit.

"With the addition of the Community Response Unit, the EPD has significantly increased our ability to interdict illicit firearms as well as build and maintain community partnerships throughout Euclid," Houser said. "The CRU has become a force multiplier and works diligently alongside the dedicated officers and detectives of the EPD in our mission to improve the safety and quality of life in Euclid."

As of July, CRU officers have seized 205 illegal firearms from felons and prohibited individuals, according the post.

According to the department, in order to build much-needed trust with residents and business owners throughout Euclid, CRU officers regularly attend meetings at neighborhood watch groups, schools, daycares, businesses, community celebrations, picnics and other public functions with the goals of education and outreach.

These officers have attended over 100 different community events providing education and good conversation for residents.

"The members of the CRU, as well as all the members of the Euclid Police Department, are committed to a safer Euclid and work diligently every single day to accomplish our mission," the department stated.