Euclid Shade Tree Commission wants more public outreach

Feb. 4—Euclid Shade Tree Commission recently announced it will be formalizing new committees in order to better address Euclid's urban tree canopy.

Jody Lathwell, the commission's chair, said that she wanted to form new committees because having specific groups tackle projects would more efficiently address the urban tree canopy among other problems.

"We are trying to step out of the typical Shade Tree Commission and look at the kind of unique features that Euclid has," Lathwell said. "With the escarpment and other forested properties throughout the city, I think it's very important to preserve those. But in addition to that we have got a lot of work to do on our Urban Forestry Program."

The new committees are:

—The Pond and Garden Tour Committee, which handles the planning of Euclid's popular tour of private gardens and ponds

—The Outreach and Education committees which are currently planning the Arbor Day E. 185th Street Stroll and will be involved in ward meetings among other public meetings.

—The Legislative Committee, which focuses on the Master Plan and the urban forestry program

—And the Natural Resources Committee, which tracks trees that are forest in Euclid and manages the woodland spaces.

Lathwell said she wants the Shade Tree Commission to take more of an active role in education and outreach. She says it is working on putting together a list of plants that residents should avoid planting that will be on the website, and if residents ever have concerns about a tree that they see, they can get in touch with them or they will help find more information elsewhere.

She said that at the next meeting they will formalize their committees and she has hope the public will be able to be more involved due to having a more organized commission.

"In the past we have had pretty loose committee work," Lathwell said. "The commission meeting is really to vote on issues and letting the public know what's going on, but most of the work happens in those committees."

She said for those residents who want to do more for their trees in the area, they can do so by simply picking up the phone, or a watering can.

"There are a lot of ways the public can get involved," Lathwell said. "Looking out for the trees on their streets and letting us know if they see a problem, sometimes helping out watering if they see a newly planted street tree that hasn't been watered in a partially dry period.

"If they can't then certainly let us know, but if they have the opportunity and the means then we always appreciate the help."

The commission's next meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Feb 15 at Euclid City Hall, 585 E 222nd St.