‘Euphoria’ Actor Angus Cloud Opens Up About What Caused Scar on His Head

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Image via Getty/Stefanie Keenan/FILA
Image via Getty/Stefanie Keenan/FILA

Angus Cloud, whose performance as kindhearted drug dealer Fez on HBO’s Euphoria marked his acting debut, has now given fans of the much-discussed drama the definitive account of how he got his famous scar.

As Cloud detailed right at the top of a new Variety feature this week, he had broken away from his friends in downtown Oakland one night in 2013 when he fell into a construction pit. 12 hours later, Cloud recalled, he woke up “at the bottom” of this pit.

“I was trapped. I eventually climbed out after — I don’t know how long,” the actor told Selome Hailu. “It was hella hard to climb out, because my skull was broken, but my skin wasn’t, so all the bleeding was internal, pressing up against my brain.”

The full piece also sees Cloud offering up some comments about what could be next for him in his acting career, as well as touching on the future of Euphoria, the Season 3 return of which is not expected to kick off for some time. Cloud, in fact, hadn’t seen any scripts from the new season at the time the Variety interview was conducted.

At next month’s Emmys, Euphoria is up for a number of potential honors, including Outstanding Drama Series and performance-based nods for Sydney Sweeney and Zendaya, the latter of whom previously won (and made history in doing so) for her performance as Rue.

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